How to run a benchmark

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Run on mobile

If you want to run a Octane 2.0 on a mobile phone or tablet, please observe the following simple tips:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the power adapter / charging device.
  • Power cycle the device and make sure there are no recent apps still taking memory. You can check what apps are in memory via the settings screen or the device's task manager (righmost soft key on stock Android, double click on the physical button for iOS):
  • Check the device temperature. If you run the benchmark many times, your device might overheat and the CPU speed might be scaled down.
  • Run the benchmark multiple times and pick the best run. This should compensate for the variance in some delicate tests.

Run on desktop

Here few tips to ensure you get reliable and good measures:

  • Make sure your computer is in a fully idle state, i.e. that there are no other programs running and that the OS is not performing any maintenance work. Under Windows for example, all updates should be installed and the antivirus should be disabled.
  • Your computer's Energy Saving / CPU settings should be turned to "maximum performance". This ensures the OS will not enter a power-saving mode at any time while running Octane and thereby reduce the processor speed.
  • Wait for 30 seconds after launching the browser before starting Octane. This ensures that the browser has finished any initial background tasks (like auto-update checks). For each run of the benchmark, the browser should be restarted to make sure that each run starts with the same initial browser state.
  • Run the benchmark multiple times and pick the best run. Octane generates very consistent scores, but there are external OS and browser factors that can cause the score to vary slightly between runs.