11/6/2013 - Octane 2.0 is released

This update adds latency and asm.js-like tests to the Octane benchmark suite.

Octane 2.0 brings focus on new aspects of JS performance: latency and asm.js-like code. By instrumenting Splay and Mandreel, it is now possible to calculate scores for compiler and garbage collection latencies. the zlib benchmark from the Emscripten test suite is also included to keep track of this new technology. Finally, the Typescript compiler from Microsoft, which is run exactly once, measures startup and execution of a very complex javascript application.

8/21/2012 - Octane v.1 is released

Welcome to the first release of Octane!

Octane builds upon the V8 Benchmark Suite and adds five new tests, taken without modification (beside glue / boilerplate logic) from well known, existing Web and JS applications: Mozilla's pdf.js, Mandreel, GB Emulator, CodeLoad, Box2DWeb.

Have a look at the official Chromium blog post for more details or check the benchmark page for a detailed explanation of each test. If you are still looking for answers, the FAQ page might help you.