If you care about the performance of real-world JavaScript and you'd like to help us make Octane even more representative of what needs to be fast on the web, we'd love your help!

If you think Octane's performance test coverage doesn't cover something important and you identified an open source JavaScript application that could cover the gap, then send it our way by filing an issue and we might consider it for a future update of Octane.

As a rule of thumb, the application should be decomposed in an initialization phase, a function that performs a "step" of calculation and that will be called in a tight loop, and a cleanup function. The "step" function shall not be too long , ideally in the tens/hundred ms range. The code from initialization to cleanup is then called a minimum of up to 32 times and the time spent averaged. Ideally we try to keep each test reasonably fast, in the order of few seconds.