Newsletter - November 2023

Newsletter - November 2023
November 2023
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Your guide to creating content-driven web applications
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, find the resources you need to build robust content-driven web apps with our curated learning pathways. Take your skills to the next level and discover the latest recommendations and best practices to achieve scalability, performance, and accessibility.
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Featured video
Catch up with developer news on TL;DR
Passkeys week, Firebase’s Demo Day, and more developer news.
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Featured content
Customize and prompt large language models with MakerSuite
Learn how you can easily test prompts for models like PaLM 2 and tune them to perform better for specific applications in minutes.
Read part 1: Introduction
Read part 2: Tuning LLMs
Featured event
DevFest 2023
Explore developer tools, learn from Google experts, and connect with other like-minded and passionate developers from your local community.
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Product updates and developer solutions
Explore new policies that support app quality on Google Play
Now featuring updates across generative AI, photo and video permissions, and more – all designed to protect users.
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Understand Google Play’s app account deletion requirements
All developers must complete the account deletion questions in their Data safety form by December 7.
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Explore updates to the Places API in Google Maps Platform
Includes new features across Text Search, Place Details and Photos, and Nearby Search.
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Improved user safety for Chrome and Android apps
To protect users from app impersonation, custom scheme methods will be restricted.
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Codelabs and pathways
Support foldable and dual-screen devices with Jetpack WindowManager
Learn to adapt your app to new form factors like foldable and dual-screen devices with the Jetpack WindowManager library.
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Use the SQL-only LLM with BigQuery ML using Vertex AI PaLM API
Source code summarization for Github repos available as a BigQuery public dataset, using the Vertex AI large language model for text generation (text-bison), as a hosted remote function in BigQuery.
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Use the Natural Language API with Python
Explore the API that lets you extract information from unstructured text using Google machine learning, focusing on its Python client library.
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Get to know Firebase for Flutter
Learn how to build a Flutter mobile app with Firebase.
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Developer community
Learn the latest in machine learning and AI at the Women in ML Symposium 2023
Discover new tools from Google and hear from experts across multiple industries covering topics like generative AI, privacy, real-world applications, and more.
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Apply to the Indie Games Accelerator 2024
Get mentorship and education to power your game's growth. Join the 10-week accelerator from Google Play for high-potential indie game studios. Apply by Dec 12, 2023.
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Here’s how you can make a difference this Computer Science Education Week
The future is full of possibilities for those with computing skills, but access to foundational computer science education is still not equitably distributed.
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Tune into Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders Demo Day
Watch how the 12 startups selected for the latest cohort use Google technology via livestream on Nov 30.
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More ways to get involved in DevFest 2023
Google Developer Group Leads are encouraged to host a local DevFest. Just want to check it out? Join the first broadcast over Discord and play for prizes.
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Register for Google Cloud Gen AI Bootcamp
Join the experts for a three-session Gen AI Bootcamp and learn how to get started as a Gen AI developer and build your first app.
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