Technical specifications

Reference the following information to check that your feeds meet our technical specifications.

Required specification

Additional information
RSS 2.0 and current audio news specifications RSS 2.0 specifications; News on Assistant specifications
No 3rd party ads, or sponsored and promoted content Ads or sponsored and promoted content are often embedded directly in the .mp3 files, so make sure to review and check your content for these.
No music for audio content less than 2 minutes Feeds shouldn't have music beds (background music underneath spoken audio content) for short-form content under 2 minutes long. Music specifically referenced in the story, such as a song by the artist in a story about a new album release, is acceptable.
-16 LUFS stereo (-19 LUFS mono) The loudness level of media files must match the average loudness of Assistant's text-to-speech (TTS) output. For more info, check out this guide about Audio Loudness.
Must be valid audio news content The feed must include audio news content that uses mp3 files in the <enclosure> element, or with mRSS specifications and the <media:content> element.
The <itunes:author> element The publishing entity name is referenced with the <itunes:author> element at the <channel> level. This may be read aloud using TTS to introduce your content. For example: "Next, from [Nancy News]" or "Now, a story from [Nancy News].".
<item> element per story Each <item> element must contain the details for a single-topic story, such as, the title, description, audio file, and duration.

Optional specification

Additional information
<itunes:block> element To prevent the feed from being publicly available on products like iTunes and Google Podcasts, the value can be set to 'Yes'. Any other value has no effect. For more information, see Apple's RSS tags for Podcasts.
<link> element per <item> To associate a related web page, such as a text story on same topic, with a specific mp3 file, include a web permalink URL.
<itunes:image> or <media:thumbnail> element per <item> The image for the single-topic story is displayed alongside content on Assistant-enabled devices and should be approximately 1000x1000 pixels. If no story-specific image is provided, Assistant defaults to the <image> element at the <channel> level.

Media RSS

Media RSS is an RSS extension that adds several enhancements to RSS items, and can be used for syndicating multimedia files. News on Assistant makes use of this standard to provide publishing entities with additional control of how their content is presented to users.

Optional mRSS specification

Additional information
<media:group> element to include multiple file types per <item>. This extension allows for multiple versions of the same news file for different surfaces or bandwidth considerations, such as an mp3 export alongside any video files. To accommodate varying bandwidth, the feed can contain multiple formats of the same news story in the <item> element for different bitrates or even media types such as mp3 vs mp4 files.
<media:content url="..." expression="sample"> elements to add intros and outros per <item>

Intros: The sample expression allows for a short, pre-recorded introduction to help transition between single-topic stories, such as, "This is Jane Doe reporting for Nancy News" or "From Nancy News." This intro <media:content> element must be less than 2-5 seconds and must not have background music. The order the elements are listed determines the order they play, so it should be listed before the news story itself.

Outros: The sample expression also allows for a short, pre-recorded promotion appended to the end of the story to help educate the listener about further places to find your content, such as "For more from Nancy News, ask your Google Assistant to play the Nancy News podcast." This outro must be less than 10 seconds and must not have background music. Outros may not be featured every time the related news story is played. The order the elements are listed determines the order they play, so it should be listed after the news story itself.

<media:credit> elements for the journalist reporting per <item> This element names the individual reporting the story; this field can be written phonetically. The value of this element is only used audibly through TTS alongside the publishing entity name, <itunes:author>, to introduce your content such as, "Here's [Jane Doe] from Nancy News".