Device Access Registration

Before creating your first project, you must register for Device Access. Registration consists of the acceptance of the Google API and Device Access Sandbox Terms of Service, along with a one-time, non-refundable fee (US$5) per account.

You will not be able to create a project until you have accepted both Terms of Service and paid the registration fee. This applies to all users, both individual users and those looking to create a commercial offering.

Register in the Device Access Console, if you haven't already:

Go to the Device Access Console

Once payment has been accepted you will receive an email confirmation, which completes your registration. The Device Access Console will be enabled for your account and you can create projects. See the Quick Start Guide for next steps.

Account issues

I would like to cancel my Device Access registration

The US$5 registration fee is non-refundable.

I want to change the email address associated with my projects

You can't change the email address associated with your Device Access projects. If you work for an organization, we recommend using a generic team email address during registration to avoid access issues in the future.

I have technical issues with my integration

See Device Access Support for ways to get assistance.