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Silence Mode

Recent versions of Android support allowing a Provider to enter silence mode, meaning audio will no longer be routed to it while this mode is active. AVRCP commands will also be ignored during this time. When the Provider is disconnected, it automatically exits silence mode.

Silence mode can be enabled or disabled using the above message stream support by sending these parameters:

Message Group Name Value
Bluetooth event 0x01
Bluetooth Event Code Name Value
Enable silence mode 0x01
Disable silence mode 0x02

The additional data length for both cases is 0.

As an example, to enable silence mode, the Provider should send the following packet:



  • The first byte (0x01) means this is a Bluetooth event command
  • The second byte (0x01) means to enable silence mode
  • The third and fourth bytes (0x0000) mean no additional data is included

One use case for silence mode is for on-head detection. When the Provider is removed from a user's head, silence mode could be enabled. Likewise, when the Provider is placed on a user's head, silence mode could be disabled.