Fast Pair Device Shipping Guidelines


To ensure product quality, Fast Pair partners will need to send samples to Google for QA testing and certification process. Take this step before starting official fast pair certification submission.

GPN (Google Part Number) is a unique identifier for the specification of a part (or assembly) that is manufactured, designed, purchased, or serviced by Google or its partners. GPNs are different from the part numbers assigned to the part by either its manufacturer or its vendor, and are used by Google to manage its parts inventory, support customs clearance in cross-country shipments and perform other Product Data Management activities.

What to do

The GPN application and sample shipping process has two steps:

1. Apply for a Google Partner Number (GPN):

Please prepare a document (.doc) with below information included, save it in PDF format, and then submit the file to your SI/SOC partner or Google contacts to let them help you on GPN application:

  1. Product name:
  2. Model number:
  3. Production description:
  4. Brand:
  5. Manufacturer:
  6. Product info:
    • Chipset:
    • Bluetooth Specification:
    • Battery:
    • Operation Voltage:
    • Rated Input Voltage:
  7. RF info
    • Operating Frequency:
    • Target Power:
  8. Shipping units (qty): How many devices provided for certification test.
  9. Product Photo (.jpg or .png file)

Once the GPN is successfully created on Google logistic system, your Google contact will reach out to you or your SI/SOC partners for the numbers. Please include the GPN numbers along with your sample delivery via courier.

  • If any changes to the product name, hardware, software, etc. are made after receiving GPN approval, please inform Google of the changes before sending the samples.

  • For the testing samples to 3rd party lab, please coordinate with lab owners for the relevant importing methods.

2. Ship units for testing and certification

Fast Pair partners must send the requested quantity of sample units for QA testing and certification, including three units to Google U.S, and the other to a third-party certification lab.

Please arrange certification with one of the following accredited labs (partners are responsible for the cost of certification):

  • Pegatron, Taiwan
    Ann Lin,
    Hank Wang,
    Ian Lee,

  • UL Verification, United States
    Lenny Hantz,

Below are the shipping addresses and POC for Google offices:

  • Google Mountain View
    Google, Inc.
    Jocelyn Chan - Samples for Fast Pair testing
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA, USA, 94043
    Phone number: (650) 253-0000

  • Google Taiwan
    Google Taiwan Engineering Limited
    Chris Chang
    No.88, Sec 3, Zhongxing Rd., Xindian District,
    New Taipei City, 23144, Taiwan
    Phone number: +886 975509252