Native Client

Portable Native Client Preview

Since its launch in 2011, Native Client (NaCl) has provided developers with the ability to build web applications that harness the computational power of client machines to a much fuller extent than traditional web technologies, by running compiled C and C++ code securely and at near-native speeds, and taking advantage of multiple cores with shared memory.

Portable Native Client (PNaCl, pronounced "pinnacle") extends the capabilities of Native Client by letting developers build fully-portable executables that can be distributed on the open web. Users can run PNaCl applications without any installation, either of a browser plugin or of the applications themselves. In short, PNaCl combines the portability of existing web technologies with the performance and security benefits of Native Client.

For more information, see:

  • Technical Overview – provides an overview of Native Client
  • NaCl and PNaCl – describes the differences between NaCl and PNaCl and provides recommendations for when to use each

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