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pp::Fullscreen Class Reference

The Fullscreen class allowing you to check and toggle fullscreen mode. More...

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Public Functions

 Fullscreen (const InstanceHandle &instance)
virtual ~Fullscreen ()
bool IsFullscreen ()
bool SetFullscreen (bool fullscreen)
bool GetScreenSize (Size *size)

Detailed Description

The Fullscreen class allowing you to check and toggle fullscreen mode.

Constructor and Destructor Details

pp::Fullscreen::Fullscreen ( const InstanceHandle instance) [explicit]

A constructor for creating a Fullscreen.

[in]instanceThe instance with which this resource will be associated.
virtual pp::Fullscreen::~Fullscreen ( ) [virtual]


Function Details

bool pp::Fullscreen::GetScreenSize ( Size size)

GetScreenSize() gets the size of the screen in pixels.

The module instance will be resized to this size when SetFullscreen() is called to enter fullscreen mode.

[out]sizeThe size of the entire screen in pixels.
true on success or false on failure.
bool pp::Fullscreen::IsFullscreen ( )

IsFullscreen() checks whether the module instance is currently in fullscreen mode.

true if the module instance is in fullscreen mode, false if the module instance is not in fullscreen mode.
bool pp::Fullscreen::SetFullscreen ( bool  fullscreen)

SetFullscreen() switches the module instance to and from fullscreen mode.

The transition to and from fullscreen mode is asynchronous. During the transition, IsFullscreen() will return the previous value and no 2D or 3D device can be bound. The transition ends at DidChangeView() when IsFullscreen() returns the new value. You might receive other DidChangeView() calls while in transition.

The transition to fullscreen mode can only occur while the browser is processing a user gesture, even if true is returned.

[in]fullscreentrue to enter fullscreen mode, or false to exit fullscreen mode.
true on success or false on failure.

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