Native Client

Get Help with NaCl

Check the documentation resources below for help with common issues and problems. For additional questions, reach out to the Native Client community in the forums below. You can also report new issues using the Native Client issue tracker.



  • For new Native Client developers:
    • Stack Overflow is a great resource – check this forum first for answers to your questions.
  • For in-depth technical discussions:
    • Native-client-discuss is a good group for detailed technical discussions about bugs and other Native Client issues.

Issue tracker

To report a new issue:

  1. Go to the Native Client issue tracker.
  2. Before you report an issue, search to see if your issue has already been reported. You can add a comment to an existing issue if you have additional information.
  3. To report a new issue, fill out the Summary and Description fields on the issue form and click the "Submit issue" button.

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