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pp::PaintAggregator::PaintUpdate Struct Reference

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Public Functions

 PaintUpdate ()
 ~PaintUpdate ()

Public Attributes

bool has_scroll
Point scroll_delta
Rect scroll_rect
std::vector< Rectpaint_rects
Rect paint_bounds

Constructor and Destructor Details

pp::PaintAggregator::PaintUpdate::PaintUpdate ( )

Default constructor for creating an is_null() PaintUpdate object.

pp::PaintAggregator::PaintUpdate::~PaintUpdate ( )


Member Data Details

True if there is a scroll applied.

This indicates that the scroll delta and scroll_rect are nonzero (just as a convenience).

A list of all the individual dirty rectangles.

This is an aggregated list of all invalidate calls. Different rectangles may be unified to produce a minimal list with no overlap that is more efficient to paint. This list also contains the region exposed by any scroll command.

The amount to scroll by.

Either the X or Y may be nonzero to indicate a scroll in that direction, but there will never be a scroll in both directions at the same time (this will be converted to a paint of the region instead).

If there is no scroll, this will be (0, 0).

The rectangle that should be scrolled by the scroll_delta.

If there is no scroll, this will be (0, 0, 0, 0). We only track one scroll command at once. If there are multiple ones, they will be converted to invalidates.

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