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Public Functions

 KeyboardInputEvent ()
 KeyboardInputEvent (const InputEvent &event)
 KeyboardInputEvent (Instance *instance, PP_InputEvent_Type type, PP_TimeTicks time_stamp, uint32_t modifiers, uint32_t key_code, const Var &character_text)
uint32_t GetKeyCode () const
Var GetCharacterText () const

Constructor and Destructor Details

pp::KeyboardInputEvent::KeyboardInputEvent ( )

Constructs an is_null() keyboard input event object.

pp::KeyboardInputEvent::KeyboardInputEvent ( const InputEvent event) [explicit]

Constructs a keyboard input event object from the provided generic input event.

If the given event is itself is_null() or is not a keyboard input event, the keybaord object will be is_null().

[in]eventA generic input event.
pp::KeyboardInputEvent::KeyboardInputEvent ( Instance instance,
PP_InputEvent_Type  type,
PP_TimeTicks  time_stamp,
uint32_t  modifiers,
uint32_t  key_code,
const Var character_text 

Constructs a keyboard input even from the given parameters.

[in]instanceThe instance for which this event occured.
[in]typeA PP_InputEvent_Type identifying the type of input event.
[in]time_stampA PP_TimeTicks indicating the time when the event occured.
[in]modifiersA bit field combination of the PP_InputEvent_Modifier flags.
[in]key_codeThis value reflects the DOM KeyboardEvent keyCode field. Chrome populates this with the Windows-style Virtual Key code of the key.
[in]character_textThis value represents the typed character as a UTF-8 string.

Function Details

Var pp::KeyboardInputEvent::GetCharacterText ( ) const

Returns the typed character for the given character event.

A string var representing a single typed character for character input events. For non-character input events the return value will be an undefined var.
uint32_t pp::KeyboardInputEvent::GetKeyCode ( ) const

Returns the DOM keyCode field for the keyboard event.

Chrome populates this with the Windows-style Virtual Key code of the key.

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