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ppb_opengles2.h File Reference

Include dependency graph for ppb_opengles2.h:

Interfaces or Structures

struct  PPB_OpenGLES2
struct  PPB_OpenGLES2InstancedArrays
struct  PPB_OpenGLES2FramebufferBlit
struct  PPB_OpenGLES2FramebufferMultisample
struct  PPB_OpenGLES2ChromiumEnableFeature
struct  PPB_OpenGLES2ChromiumMapSub
struct  PPB_OpenGLES2Query


typedef unsigned int GLenum
typedef void GLvoid
typedef long int GLintptr
typedef int GLsizei
typedef long int GLsizeiptr
typedef int GLint
typedef unsigned char GLboolean
typedef unsigned int GLuint
typedef unsigned int GLbitfield
typedef short GLshort
typedef float GLfloat
typedef float GLclampf
typedef signed char GLbyte
typedef unsigned char GLubyte
typedef int GLfixed
typedef unsigned short GLushort
typedef int GLclampx

Typdef Details

typedef unsigned int GLbitfield
typedef unsigned char GLboolean
typedef signed char GLbyte
typedef float GLclampf
typedef int GLclampx
typedef unsigned int GLenum
typedef int GLfixed
typedef float GLfloat
typedef int GLint
typedef long int GLintptr
typedef short GLshort
typedef int GLsizei
typedef long int GLsizeiptr
typedef unsigned char GLubyte
typedef unsigned int GLuint
typedef unsigned short GLushort
typedef void GLvoid

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