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pp_completion_callback.h File Reference

This file defines the API to create and run a callback. More...

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Interfaces or Structures

struct  PP_CompletionCallback
 PP_CompletionCallback is a common mechanism for supporting potentially asynchronous calls in browser interfaces. More...


typedef void(* PP_CompletionCallback_Func )(void *user_data, int32_t result)


enum  PP_CompletionCallback_Flag


struct PP_CompletionCallback PP_MakeCompletionCallback (PP_CompletionCallback_Func func, void *user_data)
struct PP_CompletionCallback PP_MakeOptionalCompletionCallback (PP_CompletionCallback_Func func, void *user_data)
void PP_RunCompletionCallback (struct PP_CompletionCallback *cc, int32_t result)
struct PP_CompletionCallback PP_BlockUntilComplete (void)
void PP_RunAndClearCompletionCallback (struct PP_CompletionCallback *cc, int32_t res)



Detailed Description

This file defines the API to create and run a callback.

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