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The RecommendGoogleLocations API allows you to find a list of unclaimed locations that might belong in your account.

The recommendations for location groups are based on the locations that are already within that group. Recommendations for personal accounts are based on all of the locations that you have access to on Google My Business, which include locations accessible through location groups. The recommendations are a superset of all recommendations generated for you.

Complete the following steps to use the RecommendGoogleLocations API:

  1. Call the accounts.listRecommendGoogleLocations endpoint.
  2. Review the returned list of GoogleLocations.
  3. For each location that belongs in your account, perform the following steps:
    1. Call accounts.locations.create and provide the placeID of the location that's returned in step 1.
    2. If the location isn't in a bulk-verified account, follow the Manage verification guide to complete your claim of the location.
  4. For each location that doesn't belong in your account, use ReportGoogleLocations to report the location as a bad recommendation.