Access Restricted

The content you are attempting to access is intended for Storebuilders who want to empower their merchants with a Free Listing and Paid Ads integration experience through their own platform. It provides guidance on how to integrate with Google APIs to efficiently manage large numbers of Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts.

To access the content, you must complete a registration form. This lets Google to verify that you are an eligible partner and you have the necessary permissions to access the content. Eventually, this will be launched to the general public without the need of completing a registration form.

Once registered and your interest is accepted, you are able to access the content which covers all the essential Free Listing and Paid features which the following sections for each feature:

  • Introduction and Business Impact

  • Technical guidance (API & others)

  • User experience guidance with screenshots

  • Known issues & tips

Each section provides guidance on a different aspect of integrating with Google APIs and meeting our Merchant Center requirements. The content is designed to be straightforward to follow and understand.

Filling out the form doesn't guarantee that your access request will be approved, but we will notify you when it is publicly available. Below are some additional resources and contact channels that may help you in the meanwhile.

Contact Channels

Refer to the options below if you have any questions in the meanwhile:

  • Content API and Ads Support: There are two options. The public forum Google Content API for Shopping has public answers and you can post questions there. If needed, you can also email Shopping API Support at:

  • Google Merchant Support: This support channel is mainly for merchants who need support with Merchant Center and Paid Ads.

  • Google Point of Contact (POC): If you have a dedicated Google POC to support your integration, we recommend reaching out to them directly for any questions.

Other Resources:

  • Google for Retail: Provides an overview how your merchants can connect to shoppers with Google

  • Google Merchant Center Help Center: It contains useful merchant information about how to integrate your products to be used for Free Listing, Paid Ads, policies, account creation, setup, and optimization strategies.

  • Ads API: Lets you integrate your applications with Google Ads and programmatically manage complex setups with efficiency.

  • Content API for Shopping: Lets you integrate your applications with Google Merchant Center, so that you can programmatically manage products, inventory, orders, accounts, and more.