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public static final enum LiveSharingMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus extends Enum<LiveSharingMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus>

Describes the status of the user in Meet.

For example, whether they are currently participating in an ongoing meeting, and if so, whether that meeting also has an ongoing live sharing session.

Note: this status is only relevant to the Meet app and meetings. It says nothing about whether the live sharing SDK is connected to the Meet app or is itself participating in any live sharing session.

Inherited Method Summary

Enum Values

public static final LiveSharingMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus CONNECTED

User is in an ongoing meeting.

public static final LiveSharingMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus CONNECTED_WITH_LIVE_SHARING

User is in an ongoing meeting, which is currently hosting a live sharing session.

public static final LiveSharingMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus NOT_CONNECTED

User is not currently in a meeting.