The Google Meet Live Sharing SDK is in preview. Developers can apply for access through our Early Access Program.


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public static final enum LiveSharingException.Code extends Enum<LiveSharingException.Code>

Canonical error codes for LiveSharingException.

Inherited Method Summary

Enum Values

public static final LiveSharingException.Code MEET_VERSION_UNSUPPORTED

Either the Google Meet app is not installed, or the installed version does not include support for live sharing.

Consumers can query LiveSharingExceptionMetadata.packageName() to redirect the user to install the appropriate app.

public static final LiveSharingException.Code PARTICIPANT_INELIGIBLE

The current user is not eligible to participate in live sharing sessions.

public static final LiveSharingException.Code SDK_VERSION_UNSUPPORTED

Current version of the SDK is no longer supported for live sharing.

While the SDK is intended to be forwards-compatible, this may be necessary long-term.

Consumers may consider showing the user a message along the lines of, "please update this app," assuming that newer versions of the app use the latest version of this SDK.

public static final LiveSharingException.Code UNKNOWN

Unknown cause of error.