Delight your customers with innovative machine learning features. MediaPipe contains everything that you need to customize and deploy to mobile (Android, iOS), web, desktop, edge devices, and IoT, effortlessly.

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Self-serve ML solutions with simple-to-use abstractions. Use low-code APIs or no-code studio to customize, evaluate, prototype, and deploy.
Advanced ML solutions for popular tasks, crafted with Google ML expertise.
End-to-end optimization, including hardware acceleration, all while lightweight enough to run well on battery-powered devices.

Create innovative on-device ML solutions, easily

On-device ML can be difficult. MediaPipe Solutions makes it easy. Customize advanced solutions to your needs, quickly and seamlessly. These flexible tools are built on top of TensorFlow Lite for the best end-to-end on-device ML and hardware performance.

Customize and deploy on-device machine learning solutions with only a few lines of code.

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Customize, train, evaluate, preview, benchmark, and deploy with just a few clicks.

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Solutions for common challenges

Analyze things in images and videos.
Understand meanings behind text.
Listen and recognize sounds.
More solutions coming soon.

Under the hood, MediaPipe Framework orchestrates multimodal models, ML and non-ML processing, and hardware acceleration with maximum control.

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Powering Google products, open for all

MediaPipe powers the ML in many Google products, and it's open source to help you to bring cutting-edge, performant, and scalable features to your customers.
Google Lens
Google Meet
Google Photos

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