Roles and responsibilities

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Agency or Vendor

The agency contracted to work with Google to create externally-facing websites.

Responsible for: Working with Googlers to manage expectations around timelines and deliverables, developing projects that comply with Google's requirements & guidelines, providing timely and accurate information for Privacy and Technical Design Docs (if required), and remediating any security or code issues found during review.

Product Marketing Manager (PMM)

Google Marketer who partners with internal teams and external agencies to create an externally-facing website. The PMM is the owner of the project.

Responsible for: Defining the goals of the project (e.g. completing the Creative Brief), registering project with internal teams (Marketing, Legal, Privacy, Security, Naming, Domains, etc), project managing across internal and external parties, and getting all approvals completed for launch.

Agency Technical Liaison (ATL)

Google technical resource who partners with internal stakeholders and external agencies to provide technical guidance on launching Google websites. The ATL team, along with key Security Team members.

Responsible for: Sharing Google standards and requirements, giving technical advice on infrastructure and architecture, connecting with other internal teams (e.g. Domains, Security, Privacy, Legal) as needed, helping the PMM navigate the process of launching an agency-built site.

Launch Valet (LV)

Established in 2023, they are a white-glove service team which will chauffeur a project through the necessary compliance reviews on behalf of a Marketer.