Analytics implementation guide

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Google Tag Assistant

  1. Download the Google Tag Assistant. This Chrome Extension helps verify that you have installed and setup the Google Analytics implementation correctly.
  2. Open the Tag Assistant Extension, and Click the 'Enable' and 'Record' buttons.
  3. Reload the page.
  4. Begin interacting with the elements you've added tracking to. Keep track of what events should have fired.
  5. When finished, stop the recording, and 'Show Full Report'.
  6. Ensure the 'Google Analytics' account setup is showing along with
    • A Pageview.
    • The events clicked.

Event Tracking

Page View

Remember to fire this event if navigating to new page content without actual browser reload.

Replace [name] with name or id of element.

Category Action Label Value
carousel loaded [carousel-name]-[image-number] N/A
carousel left click [carousel-name]-[image-number] N/A
carousel right click [carousel-name]-[image-number] N/A

Video, Image, Audio, & Editorial

Replace [name] with name or id of element.

Category Action Label Value
image open [name] N/A
image close [name] N/A
editorial open [name] N/A
editorial close [name] N/A
video open [name] N/A
video close [name] N/A
video buffer [name] seconds
video loaded [name] seconds
video play_0 [name] 0
video play [name] seconds
video pause [name] seconds
video skip [name] seconds
video end [name] seconds
audio buffer [name] seconds
audio loaded [name] seconds
audio play_0 [name] 0
audio play [name] seconds
audio pause [name] seconds
audio skip [name] seconds
audio end [name] seconds


Category Action Label Value
map loaded [name] N/A
map open [name] N/A
map select option [name]-[option] N/A
map drag [upon stop] [name] seconds
map hover [upon stop] [name] seconds
map zoom in [name] N/A
map zoom out [name] N/A
Category Action Label Value
navigation menu click [destination-name-or-url] N/A
navigation header click [destination-name-or-url] N/A
navigation footer click [destination-name-or-url] N/A
navigation zoom [current-page] N/A
navigation left [current-page] N/A
navigation right [current-page] N/A
navigation up [current-page] N/A
navigation down [current-page] N/A
navigation button [button-name] N/A
navigation completed experience [experience-name]-[experience-number] N/A

Social Interactions

Category Action Label Value
facebook share [shared-url] N/A
twitter share [shared-url] N/A
google+ share [shared-url] N/A

Extending these events

Of course every project is unique, and accordingly will require a separate unique set of Analytics event tracking based around success of the project.