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What’s changing?

From February 2015, maps created in the classic Google Maps — — will no longer load KML/KMZ files from external websites. However, we know that KML files are a really useful way to work with geographic data, so we’ve added KML to Google My Maps, and continue to support this format with other Google Maps APIs. We hope that one of these options will meet your needs.

Google My Maps

Google My Maps is a powerful tool for easily creating custom maps to share and publish online. You can upload a KML file to My Maps, and display the map on your site with a simple HTML Embed code. Consider using My Maps if:

  • Your data changes infrequently.
  • You’d like access to a simple, WYSIWYG map editor.
  • Your site displays fewer than 2500 maps per day.

You can learn about uploading KML files to My Maps, and sharing a map on your site in our help center.

Maps JavaScript API

The Maps JavaScript API allows you to build rich and highly customizable maps applications/visualizations with your own content. Consider using the Maps JavaScript API for your map if:

  • You display more than 2500 map per day.
  • You are comfortable writing JavaScript.
  • Your KML file contains features that My Maps is unable to display.
  • The contents of your KML file change often.

To learn more about displaying KML on a map with the Maps JavaScript API, please read our developer documentation, or check out this sample.

For larger sites, if you require Enterprise Support, Service Level Agreements, or additional request quota consider upgrading to a Google Maps APIs Premium Plan.


Have questions about how your code? Not sure the best way to migrate? Check out our community support options for help with your project.

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