Store Locator Solutions

If you have ever searched the internet for a retail establishment, chances are you've used a store locator application. In its simplest form, a store locator displays a set of markers representing locations on a map, to help users find the nearest location of a business they are interested in visiting. Store locators can also show related information such as operating hours, address, phone number, photos, and food menus. A store locator might also differentiate between locations based on various criteria, such as whether a particular product or service is offered.

There are three store locator solutions:

  • Josie's cafe shows the locations for a fictitious chain of cafes and restaurants using the Maps JavaScript API and GeoJSON.

    Tutorial Codelab

  • NYC subway station locator maps the locations of subway stations in New York City. It expands on the previous solution to add a Golang backend that implements marker clustering, and server-side filtering for improved efficiency.

    Tutorial Codelab

  • Clothing store locator shows you how to create a store locator that features search functionality and implements a MySQL database.


Before you begin

Be sure to follow these instructions to get an API key and set up Google Cloud Platform. Once you have done this, you can use the same API key to run each of the store locator solutions.