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Driver SDK for iOS Release Notes

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This section contains release notes for the Driver SDK for iOS.

v2.2.0 (January, 2023)

  • Fixes bug where location timestamps in vehicle updates were truncated to the nearest second. DriverSDK now reports the timestamp of location updates with millisecond precision.
  • DriverSDK iOS now fills out more fields in uploaded vehicle locations. Newly filled fields include: heading_accuracy, altitude, altitude_accuracy, speed, speed_accuracy, location_sensor, raw_location, raw_location_time, raw_location_sensor, and raw_location_accuracy. DriverSDK also ceases reporting the deprecated speed_kph field.
  • Updates the URL for terms and conditions in the header files to the correct link, and fixes other minor issues with punctuation.
  • Fixes various spelling, punctuation, and other minor errors were fixed in the documentation.
  • The class GMTSVehicleMatch was deprecated.

v2.1.0 (October 10, 2022)


  • Bug fixes and documentation updates.

v2.0.0 (July 26, 2022)


  • Removed the Terminal Point Service, which includes:

    • GMTSTerminalPoint
    • GMTSTerminalPointAccessPoint
    • GMTSTerminalPointTravelMode
    • GMTSTerminalPointsVehicleSearchPreference
    • GMTSTravelModeETA
  • Support for iOS 12 is now frozen. The minimum iOS version is now 13.0.


We are freezing support (deprecating) for iOS 13 in the 2023 major version updates for Driver iOS SDK. The minimum iOS version supported will be iOS 14, starting in June 2023. Customers should prepare by changing the minimum version support flag in their code before they update.

v1.1.0 (April 28, 2022)

API updates

  • Changed all instances of GMTSLocationInfo to GMSNavigationWaypoint.
  • Renamed GMTDCreateDeliveryTaskRequest's parentID property to trackingID. The old property still exists for now but is deprecated.
  • Added the typedef GMTSFleetEngineIDString, which is an alias for NSString. The use of this typedef indicates the affected string must follow the general restrictions on FleetEngine ID strings.

v1.0.5 (March 28, 2022)

Internal bug fixes.

v1.0 (November 29, 2021)

The minimum supported iOS version for this release is 12.0.

API updates

Cleaned up DriverAPI interfaces

Removed Objective-C public initializer from GMTDDriverAPI.

Updated methods names with completion handlers

Method signatures in GMTDDeliveryVehicleReporter changed.

  • Renamed enrouteToNextStop: to reportEnrouteToNextStopWithCompletion:.

  • Renamed arrivedAtStop: to reportArrivedAtStopWithCompletion:.

  • Renamed completedStop: to reportCompletedStopWithCompletion:.

  • Changed from the remainingVehicleStops property to getRemainingVehicleStopsWithCompletion:.

VehicleStops API change

GMTDVehicleStop objects now references a List of GMTSTaskInfo objects.

getRemainingVehicleStops API change

The remainingVehicleStops property has been deprecated and replaced with the asynchronous method getRemainingVehicleStopsWithCompletion.

Authentication API changes

  • Removed unnecessary properties from the GMTDAuthorizationContext interface.
Removed unnecessary properties from the GMTDAuthorizationContext interface.

GMTSServiceType has been deprecated. You now only need to get claims for the vehicle ID and task ID in GMTDAuthorizationContext.

(void) fetchAuthTokenForServiceType:(GMTSServiceType)serviceType authorizationContext:(nullable GMTSAuthorizationContext *)authorizationContext completion:(GMTSAuthTokenFetchCompletionHandler)completion

is now

(void)fetchTokenWithContext:(nullable GMTDAuthorizationContext *)authorizationContext completion:(GMTDAuthTokenFetchCompletionHandler)completion;

Replaced GMTSAuthorizationContext with GMTDAuthorizationContext.

Changed AuthorizationContext to a class with properties, and removed serviceType.

Crash reporting

Added crash detection during SDK initialization. There is also an option to opt out by using the setAbnormalTerminationReportingEnabled: API on GMTDServices.

Freezing support for iOS 12 - Oct 18, 2021

In response to changes in our internal dependencies, we are freezing support for iOS 12 in an upcoming major version of Driver SDK for iOS.

Driver SDK for iOS v2.0 or higher will only support devices running a minimum of iOS 13. Earlier SDK versions will continue to support iOS 12.

If your dependencies in CocoaPods or Carthage do not specify a version number, Xcode will load the newest version and new builds of your app will not support iOS 12.

Be sure to specify a version in your application's build dependencies in order to control when you raise the minimum supported OS for new versions of your app. See examples of specifying a version in Maps SDK for iOS documentation. See the guidance on app maintenance best practices.

v0.3.0 Beta (August 30th, 2021)

New features

API changes

v0.2.0 Beta (July 9th, 2021)

New features

API changes