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The Street View API lets you embed a static (non-interactive) Street View panorama or thumbnail into your web page, without the use of JavaScript. The viewport is defined with URL parameters sent through a standard HTTP request, and is returned as a static image.,-73.988354

URL Parameters

A Street View Image request is an HTTP URL of the following form:

The image is specified using request parameters. As is standard in URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character. Allowed parameters and their possible values are listed below.

Required parameters


  • location can be either a text string (such as Chagrin Falls, OH) or a lat/lng value (40.457375,-80.009353). The Street View API will snap to the panorama photographed closest to this location. When an address text string is provided, the API may use a different camera location to better display the specified location. When a lat/lng is provided, the API searches a 50 meter radius for a photograph closest to this location. Because Street View imagery is periodically refreshed, and photographs may be taken from slightly different positions each time, it's possible that your location may snap to a different panorama when imagery is updated.


  • pano is a specific panorama ID. These are generally stable.

As well as:

  • size specifies the output size of the image in pixels. Size is specified as {width}x{height} - for example, size=600x400 returns an image 600 pixels wide, and 400 high.
  • key allows you to monitor your application's API usage in the Google API Console, enables access to generous free daily quota, and ensures that Google can contact you about your application if necessary. For more information, see Get a Key and Signature.

    Note: Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers may use either an API key and digital signature, or a valid client ID and digital signature, in your Street View requests. Get more information on authentication parameters for Premium Plan customers.

    Customers with a previous Google Maps APIs for Work license must include valid client and signature parameters with their requests, instead of a key. For more information, please refer to the Client IDs and signatures section of the Get a Key and Signature page.

Optional parameters

  • signature (recommended) is a digital signature used to verify that any site generating requests using your API key is authorized to do so. Note: If you enable billing, the digital signature is required. If you exceed the free daily limit of map loads, additional map loads are billable for the remainder of that day. Billable map loads that do not include a digital signature will fail. For more information, see Get a Key and Signature.

    Note: for Google Maps APIs Premium Plan customers, the digital signature is required. Get more information on authentication parameters for Premium Plan customers.

  • heading indicates the compass heading of the camera. Accepted values are from 0 to 360 (both values indicating North, with 90 indicating East, and 180 South). If no heading is specified, a value will be calculated that directs the camera towards the specified location, from the point at which the closest photograph was taken.
  • fov (default is 90) determines the horizontal field of view of the image. The field of view is expressed in degrees, with a maximum allowed value of 120. When dealing with a fixed-size viewport, as with a Street View image of a set size, field of view in essence represents zoom, with smaller numbers indicating a higher level of zoom.

    (Left: fov=120; Right: fov=20)

  • pitch (default is 0) specifies the up or down angle of the camera relative to the Street View vehicle. This is often, but not always, flat horizontal. Positive values angle the camera up (with 90 degrees indicating straight up); negative values angle the camera down (with -90 indicating straight down).

An example request is shown below.,10.013988&heading=151.78&pitch=-0.76&key=YOUR_API_KEY

No imagery available

For locations where Street View imagery is not available, the Street View API returns a gray generic image, with the text "Sorry, we have no imagery here."

Generic image displayed when no imagery is available for the specified location
Figure: Generic image displayed when no imagery is available for the specified location.

To avoid this scenario, you can determine if there is imagery available for the specified location, as well as other data about the image, by requesting Street View image metadata.

More information

For more information on using the Street View API, or other Google Maps API products, be sure to check out the Maps API Support page.

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