ElevationService class

google.maps.ElevationService class

Defines a service class that talks directly to Google servers for requesting elevation data.

Parameters:  None
Creates a new instance of a ElevationService that sends elevation queries to Google servers.
getElevationAlongPath(request, callback)
Return Value:  None
Makes an elevation request along a path, where the elevation data are returned as distance-based samples along that path.
getElevationForLocations(request, callback)
Return Value:  None
Makes an elevation request for a list of discrete locations.

LocationElevationRequest interface

google.maps.LocationElevationRequest interface

An elevation request sent by the ElevationService containing the list of discrete coordinates (LatLngs) for which to return elevation data.

Type:  Array<LatLng|LatLngLiteral> optional
The discrete locations for which to retrieve elevations.

PathElevationRequest interface

google.maps.PathElevationRequest interface

An elevation query sent by the ElevationService containing the path along which to return sampled data. This request defines a continuous path along the earth along which elevation samples should be taken at evenly-spaced distances. All paths from vertex to vertex use segments of the great circle between those two points.

Type:  Array<LatLng|LatLngLiteral> optional
The path along which to collect elevation values.
Type:  number
Required. The number of equidistant points along the given path for which to retrieve elevation data, including the endpoints. The number of samples must be a value between 2 and 512 inclusive.

ElevationResult interface

google.maps.ElevationResult interface

The result of an ElevationService request, consisting of the set of elevation coordinates and their elevation values. Note that a single request may produce multiple ElevationResults.

Type:  number
The elevation of this point on Earth, in meters above sea level.
Type:  LatLng
The location of this elevation result.
Type:  number
The distance, in meters, between sample points from which the elevation was interpolated. This property will be missing if the resolution is not known. Note that elevation data becomes more coarse (larger resolution values) when multiple points are passed. To obtain the most accurate elevation value for a point, it should be queried independently.

ElevationStatus constants

google.maps.ElevationStatus constants

The status returned by the ElevationService upon completion of an elevation request. Specify these by value, or by using the constant's name. For example, 'OK' or google.maps.ElevationStatus.OK.

INVALID_REQUEST This request was invalid.
OK The request did not encounter any errors.
OVER_QUERY_LIMIT The webpage has gone over the requests limit in too short a period of time.
REQUEST_DENIED The webpage is not allowed to use the elevation service for some reason.
UNKNOWN_ERROR A geocoding, directions or elevation request could not be successfully processed, yet the exact reason for the failure is not known.