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Report a bug or feature request

If you think you may have found a bug, or if you have a feature request that you would like to share with the Google Maps Platform team, please file a bug or feature request in our Issue Tracker.

If you are submitting a bug, please include a sample that demonstrates the problem to help us reproduce exactly what you are seeing.

All Issues per API Report a Bug Submit a Feature Request
Maps SDK for Unity Bug Report Feature Request
Playable Locations API Bug Report Feature Request
Issue tracker status codes
New This issue/feature request has not been triaged.
Assigned The issue has a person assigned to it.
Accepted The issue has been acknowledged by the assignee, who will provide updates when active investigations begin.
Fixed The issue is resolved in a released version.
Fixed (Verified) The issue has been addressed and the correctness of the fix has been confirmed.
Won't fix (Not reproducible) There is either not enough information to fix the issue, or the issue as reported cannot be re-created.
Won't fix (Intended behavior) The issue describes the expected behavior of the product under the reported circumstances.
Won't fix (Obsolete) The issue is no longer relevant due to changes in the product.
Won't fix (Infeasible) The issue requires changes that cannot be implemented in the foreseeable future.
Duplicate This report duplicates an existing issue.
Issue tracker triaged codes
PendingFurtherReview This issue has passed initial triage and is waiting for priority review.
NeatIdea Feature request is acknowledged. We are currently evaluating this request but do not have any plans to implement it. Please star to vote and comment to discuss your use case.
NeedsMoreInfo This issue/feature request requires more information from the reporter.

Contact the support team

Creating a support case

  1. Visit the Google Maps Platform Support page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Select the project related to your question, in the top dropdown bar of the Google Cloud Platform Console. You need to be an Owner or Editor on the project to file a support case.
  3. Fill out the fields in detail on the “Create a new support case” section. It may take a minute to create your case.

Support response times

Support response times are indicated in the table below (resolution times may vary):

Severity level Response time
Service Unusable First Response (1) 1 hour on weekdays, excluding regional holidays
Standard Request First Response (2, 3, 4) 24 hours
Feature Request First Response 24 hours

Privacy inquiries

For questions related to data privacy and protection, you can contact us using the Data Privacy Inquiry Form.

Staying informed

Here are some other ways to stay up to date with the Google Maps Platform:

  • Subscribe to our Google Groups to stay up to date with changes, outages, and other announcements.
  • Google Maps Platform Blog: A useful source of news and updates across all of Google's Geo developer products.
  • Google Cloud Blog: Provides updates on all Google Cloud products, including the Google Maps Platform.

Google frequently interacts with the developer community through screencasts and YouTube shows.

Terms of use

For your reference, here are the documents relating to your usage:

  • Terms of Service: Describes your rights and obligations as a Google Maps Platform customer.