NOTICE: Google Maps Platform gaming services is deprecated as of October 18, 2021. Current users will have continued access until December 31, 2022. During this time, we will continue to provide support and fixes to major bugs and outages. See the Gaming Services Transition Guide for resources to help you plan the next steps for your projects.

Using Maps SDK for Unity with a different tile server

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You can use Maps SDK for Unity with a different semantic tile server, beginning with version 1638. To do this, configure MapsService instances with FeatureTileApiUrlFormat and TerrainTileApiUrlFormat options using the Inspector. Those options need to be valid string formats that can be formatted with String.Format method using tile coordinates in the order of x, y, zoom. The formatted string also needs to be a valid HTTP URI. ArgumentException will be thrown if the input can't be formatted correctly into a valid HTTP URI for requesting tiles.

When the camera's viewport is updated to a new location, or to a new zoom level, the Maps SDK for Unity determines which tiles are needed and translates that information into a set of tiles to retrieve using Mercator tile coordinates.


The following example URL shows the correct format to use:


The following example URLs are invalid:

  • Incorrect number of format items:{0},{1},{2},{3}z
  • Invalid URL:{0},{1},{2}z
  • Unsupported scheme:{0},{1},{2},{3}z