Updating Features

Existing features may be patched (updated) by sending a POST request to the /tables/tableId/features/batchPatch endpoint.


A single request can modify:

  • Up to 50 features.
  • A combined total of 10 000 vertices.


The following HTTP request changes the coordinates property of feature 100 and the open property of feature 300.

POST https://www.googleapis.com/mapsengine/v1/tables/tableId/features/batchPatch
Authorization: Bearer token

  "features": [
      "geometry": {
        "type": "Polygon",
        "coordinates": [[1.5, 3.5], [1.0, 1.0], [4.0, 1.0], [4.0, 4.0], [1.5, 3.5]]
      "properties": {
        "gx_id": "100"
      "properties": {
        "gx_id": "300",
        "open": "weekdays"

Request body

Feature updates use HTTP PATCH semantics:

  • A supplied value replaces an existing value (if any) in that field.
  • Omitted fields remain unchanged.
  • Complex values in geometries and properties must be replaced as atomic units. For example, providing just the coordinates of a geometry is not allowed; the complete geometry, including type, must be supplied.
  • Setting a property's value to null deletes that property.

Each feature in an update request uses the following GeoJSON fields:

  • properties is required and must contain a valid primary key. This is either the contents of the primaryKey column you specified when creating the table, or the feature's gx_id if no primaryKey was specified.
  • If supplying additional key-value pairs within properties, and the value is a JSON object, the entire updated object must be supplied.
  • geometry (optional), if present and not null, must be complete. Partial patches are not supported for geometries.
  • type (optional), if provided, must be Feature.

There must be at least one modification specified for each feature. Providing a primary key but no modification is not supported.


A successful update request returns HTTP status code 204 (No content). No response body is returned.


  • If the primary key is omitted, a required error is returned.
  • If the structure of the supplied coordinates field does not match the geometry's type, an invalid error type is returned.
  • Each property must exist as a key in the table's schema, and the associated column must be capable of storing the given value. Otherwise, an invalid error type is returned.

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