Google Maps Engine API

Before You Begin


The Google Maps Engine API provides programmatic access to assets contained in Google Maps Engine projects. It provides read-only access to all assets, and create/update/delete functionality on table features only.


The Maps Engine API is a RESTful API. All requests to the API are HTTP requests, so that any programming language with an HTTP library can be used to query or modify data in the API.


Resources are represented as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). JSON is a widely-supported standard, with parsers available in most programming languages. More information about JSON is available from Wikipedia and from

At this time, Google's API client libraries do not support the JSON format returned by the Google Maps Engine API.

Experimental features

The following endpoints are considered experimental and are not covered by the Google Maps Engine API service level agreement (SLA):

  • /assets
  • /layers
  • /maps
  • /rasterCollections
  • /rasters
  • /tables (not including the /features/ subdirectory)

Retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting features are covered by the SLA:

  • /tables/tableId/features
  • /tables/tableId/features/batchInsert
  • /tables/tableId/features/batchPatch
  • /tables/tableId/features/batchDelete

Controlling access to your data

Your data in Google Maps Engine is protected by the access control lists you have defined in the product UI. Only those who authenticate to your application with an authorized Google Account are able to access your data.

You can make specific vector tables accessible without authentication. Read Accessing public data for details.


This documentation consists of two main parts:

  • The Developer Guide documentation, available at This documentation describes concepts, best practices, authorization, and more. It's useful for developers new to the API, or new to developing in general. Code samples are provided for a number of programming languages. It does presume a moderate level of technical knowledge.

  • The Reference documentation is available at It provides detailed information about each operation in the API, including URLs for all resources, optional and required parameters, return values, and errors. It does not include language-specific samples, beyond the basic HTTP requests. It's useful for developers who are familiar with the API and with their language of choice, as a quick way to obtain required information.


To learn more about how to do some of the basic operations of the Google Maps Engine API, including Read and Create operations, take this tutorial.

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