Local Service Ads integration overview

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The following describes the details of the Reserve with Google integration process that are unique to the Local Service Ads vertical.


Follow the standard high-level integration process outlined in the end-to-end integration guide.

Key Local Service Ads Guidance

The following are examples and tutorial covering features that are required by the Local Service Ads integration:

  • Feeds: Sample Local Service Ads Feeds

    Notes: Merchants feed category field should be set to home_service value for all merchants. Services feed home_service_data field should be populated with the service categories shared with the partner.

  • Virtual Estimate: Sample Virtual Estimate Feeds

    Notes: Merchants enrolled in virtual estimate services will need to send one additional service feed per service category (plumber, electrician).

    1. type field should be set to SERVICE_TYPE_ONLINE_APPOINTMENT.
    2. direct_merchant_payment field should be populated.
    3. virtual_session field should be populated, including session_instructions and virtual_platform_info. is_session_prerecorded should be set as false.
    4. Each merchant will have maximum of 1 virtual service feed for each service category(plumber, electrician). Virtual service feed will have empty job type
  • Booking Server: Implement the standard booking server integration

    Notes: The following methods must be implemented:

    Method Requirements
    BatchAvailabilityLookup Required
    CreateBooking Required
    UpdateBooking Optional (Used to modify/cancel bookings)
    ListBookings Optional (Used for automated testing)
    GetBookingStatus Optional (Used for automated testing)
    CheckAvailability Deprecated (Superseded by BatchAvailabilityLookup)
  • Real-time updates: Structuring Real-Time Updates

Optional Local Service Ads Features

Below are a list of features that are compatible with the fitness integration. None are required by this integration, but many will be necessary to make sure Reserve with Google follows your company’s business logic when serving your inventory: