This page is for current Order with Google partners. If you're a prospective or onboarding partner, review the Order with Google documentation or reach out to your Google consultant for support.

To help us direct you to the appropriate support team, choose your status from the following tabs:

Launched partner

Technical support

If you've already integrated and launched with Order with Google and need support for a non-urgent issue that prevents your Action from serving users, fill out this form{.external} to open a case with our support team. Limit each case to one issue and create additional cases as needed.

Urgent technical support

If your issue requires urgent and immediate attention, such as if your integration is completely disabled or you notice a widespread issue, email the urgent support team at

Undergoing maintenance

If you're undergoing maintenance and need to un-deploy your integration, follow the steps mentioned at Undeploy a release. When you're ready to redeploy your integration, deploy the version for production.

Actively integrating

If you're currently onboarding with Order with Google, contact your Google consultant.

Interested in integrating

If you want to integrate with Order with Google, review the Order with Google documentation to express your interest.

Escalations to partners

As the owner of your Order with Google project, you must ensure that your inventory feeds and fulfillment actions remain online and up-to-date. You can also use the monitoring tools available to you on the Partner Portal. If Google detects an increase in errors from your project, our team might reach out to your technical contacts for escalation, depending on their severity. We then expect you to resolve the issue in a timely manner.