Alpha testing

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Alpha testing is a way for partners to test their order workflow with real restaurants from the production feed. Only users who have been added to the Partner Portal are eligible for Alpha testing. They can place actual orders from real restaurants that they are trying to integrate. A user or a google group must have at least "Tester" role to be able to perform alpha testing. Users with other roles viz. Read only, Editor and Administrator can can perform alpha testing by default.

Steps to initiate alpha testing

  1. Go to the Partner Portal
  2. Head to Restaurant Status Report from Dashboards section
  3. Copy the link address appearing as "click here" and share it with alpha testers
  4. Alpha testing link.
  5. Alternatively, to test a particular restaurant, you can also click on the link in the "testing link" column from the Restaurant List table.
  6. Alpha testing link.

The alpha testing page UI looks similar to the quick testing but is using the production environment data feed and fulfillment API. The alpha testing link will only be accessible by users who have been added to the Users section of the partner portal. Alpha testing can only be performed pre-launch. After your integration is launched, the alpha testing links are publicly accessible.