1. How do we provide a different price for each staff member performing the same service, for a given availability slot?

    You can provide a per-staff member, per availability slot price for a service by providing a collection of payment_option(s) within the Merchant feed. See the PaymentOption message for details on the exact set of fields that define a payment_option. Note: a payment_option_id is unique across all your merchant feeds, so if two different merchants have a payment option with the same id, it will be considered to be the same payment option. Once you have defined the payment_option(s), you can set a payment_option_id at the availability slot level within the Availability feed. Currently, a maximum of one payment_option_id is supported per slot. Lastly, you need to remove the price from the Services feed once you are providing payment_option_id(s) at the availability slot level.

  2. Are intervals between time slots forced to service duration? Can they overlap, for example if there is one slot at 9am - 10am and another slot at 9:15am - 10:15am for the same service?

    Intervals between time slots can be much shorter than service duration, causing slots to overlap. Therefore, time slots can overlap. This allows you to handle business logic on your end. If the 9am-10am slot is booked, you can update availability and mark both 9am - 10am and 9:15am - 10:15am slots as full.

  3. Must we upload all employees X services X time slots combinations? (+ X rooms for services with rooms)

    Yes. You can reduce data size through incremental updates. Note that incremental updates come in two flavors:

    • Through the PROCESS_AS_INCREMENTAL enum value
    • Through the PROCESS_AS_COMPETE enum value, but by using restricts to reduce the scope of the update.

    Sending incremental feeds allows you to send only what has changed, which should be a smaller dataset.

    Please note however that since incremental updates can get out of sync if errors occur, we'll still need complete feeds, however to offset their size burden:

    • They can only be updated monthly
    • We need the ability to request an emergency full update should an error occur.
  4. What is the format and representation of timestamps in the Availability feed?

    All timestamps should be in UNIX time format in UTC.

  5. In the merchants feed, what should num_bookings_30d include and how often should it be updated?

    This field should include the number of non-cancelled bookings this merchant has had across all platforms (not just Reserve With Google) over the last 30 days. This number should not include cancelled or no show bookings. This field should be updated each day when the feeds are submitted.

  6. Can extra questions be asked on the booking form?

    Not at this time. The fields exist in the feeds so partners can go ahead and submit the data is they are inclined to, but we have not released this feature yet and it is subject to changes.

  7. When using recurrance, can exception times that are back to back be combined in to one?

    Yes. They can be combined.

  8. Can we show merchant specific terms of service?

    Yes, these can be provided in the "terms" field in the merchant feed.

    If set, there will be a statement below the book button in the form "By continuing you agree to MERCHANT's Terms of Service." where "Terms of Service" is a link that, when clicked, displays the text set in the Terms's text field.

  9. How do partners include merchants with more than one location?

    You can do this by adding each location seperately in the merchants feed.

  10. How do partners include independent contractors renting space at a salon or anyone is a simlar situation?

    We match merchants based on the name and address of the physical location which merchants are based out of. To include independent contractors, you need to specify the name of the business as the merchant name and the name of the independent contractor as the staff name. Please note that at this time, we can only match one merchant per address. If the business already has a listing with Reserve with Google, the independent contractor will not be listed unless the business listing and contractor merchant listing are combined.

  11. What should "category" contain in the merchants feed? Should this be specific or more general?

    Refer to Place types for potential category values. The "category" can also be specific. For example, for a restaurant submit a specific restaurant type (e.g. "French" or "Japanese") rather than just generic "Restaurant". While we also allow a category to be "general", it is highly recommended to use a more specific category.

  12. For services that don't have a set length, what should be submitted as "duration_sec" in the availability slot feed?

    This value should be set to something reasonable for the service such as the average time that user's takes for this service. If a length of 0 is submitted in the feed, our system will count that availability slot as invalid and won't show it on Reserve with Google.

  13. What is shown to the user when min_advance_online_canceling is set vs when it is not set?

    If min_advance_online_canceling is set, a message is shown to the user that says: "If you made a booking and cannot attend, please cancel your booking TIME in advance." (with whatever time is set in min_advance_online_canceling.)

    If min_advance_online_canceling is not set, a generic message is shown to the user in the form of: "If you can’t make it to your booking, please call MERCHANT NAME directly at PHONE NUMBER to inquire about their refund / cancellation policy."

  14. How can I see the data or interface before the feeds go live?

    In the partner dashboard, you can look under the Inventory Details tab to see the details about the data from your feeds. If you have uploaded feeds to the sandbox environment, you can also click on the link in the Enabled Merchant table (the last table on the Inventory Details [dev] tab) to see a merchant in the sandbox frontend.

  15. I see the links to the sandbox frontend, but I can't seem to access it. What do I do?

    Your Google account needs to be whitelisted in order to see the sandbox frontend. Contact your associated Reserve with Google representative to get whitelisted. If you know you have already been whitelisted, confirm that you are logged into the correct account and that is the only account you are logged into. If you are logged into a different account and use "Switch account" to log into the whitelisted account, it won't work. We recommend logging out of all other accounts when trying to access the sandbox frontend.