CheckOrderFulfillability method

The client requests to check if an order can be fulfilled.



Return value


// Request to check the fulfillability of an order.
message CheckOrderFulfillabilityRequest {
  // The merchant that this order is intended for. (required)
  string merchant_id = 1;

  // The line items in this order. All services requested must belong to the
  // specified merchant. (required)
  repeated LineItem item = 2;

// Response for the CheckOrderfulfillabilityRequest.
message CheckOrderFulfillabilityResponse {
  // Fulfillability status of the order, potentially contains updated
  // availabilities and prices of the requested line item.
  OrderFulfillability fulfillability = 1;

  // Total processing fees & taxes that need to be paid for this order.
  // (required if fees and taxes will be charged on this order)
  Price fees_and_taxes = 2;