Pricing Policies

This page specifies policies for displaying pricing related to your Maps Booking API feed. To ensure a consistent experience for consumers, merchants and partners using Reserve with Google, inventory must adhere to the appropriate guidelines for their respective service type. Failure to adhere to these policies may lead to suspension of your integration.

$0 Services

In-Person Services

$0 services are generally not allowed for in-person visits. If you have a specific use case that you think should be evaluated for an exception, please reach out to your Google business development contact.

Online Services

We allow free or $0-priced services when a service is delivered fully online, with the following restrictions:

  • The service must be truly free of charge
  • Donations can be solicited, but must not be required to receive the service
    • Solicitation must only occur after the service has been delivered
  • A $0 trial must generally be available to any customer that books the service
    • Limitations are allowable for health and safety reasons as permitted by law