Offers Policies

In order for offers to be part of the integration, they must meet our eligibility criteria and our technical requirements.

Offers eligibility criteria

  • An offer must be generally available to all customers.
  • A customer should not need to sign up for a membership program, email list, use a certain credit card, or any other restriction in order to redeem the offer.
  • The offer can not be restricted to certain age groups (student or senior discounts).
  • An offer must be predictably available. For example an offer can be valid from 3pm to 4pm, however an offer requiring you to be one of the first 10 customers is not allowed.
  • An offer must be provided by and honored by the merchant.

Offers that do not meet technical or eligibility requirements

If an offer does not meet our eligibility requirements, it should not be included in the integration.

If an offer does not fit out technical requirements or fit in our data spec, it should be omitted from the integration at this time. Please reach out to your Google contact to let us know and provide feedback on what features or changes you would like to see implemented. When reaching out, please make sure to include the number of offers and the number of merchants this impacts as well as some sample offers.