Marketing and email policy

This page details our marketing and email policies.

General email and SMS policies

Both Reserve with Google and its partners might communicate with the user after a booking is made.

Emails sent by Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google might send the following emails to the user:

  • A confirmation after the booking or purchase is made.
  • A reminder 24 hours before the appointment or event start time.
  • A feedback request after the appointment or event end time.

Users may also opt-in for Reserve with Google marketing notifications related to promotions, new partners, and upcoming classes or events. These notifications are optional and not required for users to complete their booking.

Partner Marketing Opt-ins

Users can opt in for partner marketing and promotions during their booking on Reserve with Google. Partners will need to implement the Marketing Preferences changes on their side to enable this feature for their bookings.

After enabling this feature, the customer’s remarketing preferences must be respected, meaning:

If the user OPTS IN for remarketing, the partner is free to use the user’s contact details for remarketing purposes.

If the user OPTS OUT or the remarketing checkbox is ‘OFF’ at the time of booking, the partner may only communicate:

  • For any reasonable purpose related to managing, administering, or reminding users about the booked service.
  • Once per booking, after the booked service has been rendered, for example to solicit a user review.

If the partner can trace the user information of the booking to an existing user account stored on the partner side, the user’s marketing preferences stored on the partner side may supersede the value the user indicated in the remarketing checkbox in the Reserve with Google flow.

Partners must include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all emails.

Partners must honor any opt-out requests from users.

If a specific country or territory requires double opt-in per regulations, partners are responsible for the second opt-in required after the initial opt-in via the Reserve with Google flow.

Any violations of this policy can result in removal from the Reserve with Google program.