Content Quality Standards

Partners must maintain good merchant and service data quality content. Reserve with Google may turn off the service, merchant, or integration if we find errors in the quality that would negatively degrade the user experience.

Merchant Name & Address

  • Merchant name must accurately reflect the legal business name the merchant is operating under.
  • Merchant address must accurately reflect the place in which the merchant conducts the service and holds ownership of (no booth renters).

Services Name & Descriptions

  • Service names must clearly indicate the type of services the user is booking.

  • Service descriptions must be descriptive, and accurately reflect the service the merchant is providing. The service description should not conflict or be duplicative of any other data in the integration.

  • Service name and localized_description must follow proper capitalization and punctuation per local grammar.

    • Full capitalization, use of emoji or emoticons is not allowed.
    • Use of vulgar or offensive language is not acceptable.
    • Not allowed in name or description:
      • Promotional content, URL, email address, or phone number
      • Payment method
  • Structured fields (e.g. cancellation_policy, price) should always be leveraged and should not be included in the name or description.

  • Services must be bookable by the general public. Services cannot require purchasing a membership, or belonging to an organization to book.

Partner Brand

  • Partner brand name must accurately reflect the legal business name the partner is operating under.
  • Partner logo must be the one that officially relates to the brand name.
  • Partner must not provide brand names or logos that could mislead end users of their relationship with the merchant.