Account matching and creation policy

This policy describes when and how partners can match or create accounts in their system based on data from Reserve with Google bookings.

General Policy

Partners should process Reserve with Google transactions as “Guest Checkout” transactions when possible, meaning that a user can make the requested booking without a permanent account being created in the partner’s system on behalf of a user.

Account Creation Exceptions and Guidelines

Certain exceptions permit partners to use the customer’s information to create accounts within their own system including:

  • A partner’s own public-facing product does not support guest checkout
  • The customer has opted in to remarketing from the partner via the Reserve with Google flow

If a partner does create a new account, the customer must be made aware that they now have an account.

  • For example, an email must be sent at the time of booking informing a user of the new account, or asking a user to take additional steps (“Set up a password for your new ___ account”).

Any newly-created account must respect the user’s remarketing choices.

  • If the user did not opt-in to remarketing, this desire must also be expressed in the partner’s backend.

Account Matching Guidelines

If a user account matching the email given already exists in the partner’s backend, this “existing account” may be used to service the booking. The existing account may only be enriched with any new contact information submitted by the customer during the Reserve with Google booking with separate user consent (eg via the remarketing checkbox). However, the partner must use the information provided by Reserve with Google (first name, last name, phone number …) when communicating with the user (even if they differ from the information they have registered in their own database).

The existing account holder must know this has happened. For example, a confirmation email must be sent to the contact information for the existing account holder (if different to what was submitted during the Reserve with Google booking).

Payment instruments held “on file” with the existing account may not be used to service the transaction. Only payment instruments collected upfront during the Reserve with Google booking flow may be used. This clause includes, but is not limited to: late fees, payment method, no-show fees, booking fees, cancellation fees, the cost of the booking. Payment information can not be held or added to an existing users account.