Merchant Matching Guidelines


Reserve with Google enables Google users to make appointments and reservations at local businesses. Data feeds are submitted by partners that need to include:

  • Merchant names and addresses
  • Services offered by each merchant, including pricing information
  • Availability data

Google attempts to match your merchant data with Google Maps locations. After the merchant data is associated with a Maps feature, merchants with service and availability data are eligible to show on Reserve with Google. Please review merchant eligibility criteria here.


  • Ensure that the name, address, and business category match between your merchant and the suggested map location.

  • Minor differences in addresses and names do matter. Something as simple as a mismatched suite or apartment number may be an indication that the matched location is incorrect.

  • Always use the Map link provided to verify that the suggested feature is a correct match. You can also use Street View to help verify that certain locations are correct.

Do you need help with Google Maps? Check out the Google Maps Help Center.

How to avoid incorrect matches?

  • An incorrect match may prevent a Book Button from appearing or may surface a Book Button for the wrong merchant.

  • One physical address can have multiple businesses. For example, restaurants and spas within a hotel may be distinct businesses that share the same physical address as the parent hotel. Likewise, businesses within a shopping mall or larger building may all share the same physical address.

  • These types of merchants have a higher likelihood of being improperly matched, compared to businesses with a distinct physical address.

  • In these cases, use the category of the Maps feature to help determine whether the suggested match is correct. You can determine the place category as follows:

Example 1: Italian restaurant, Lago, located inside the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, sharing the same address as the Bellagio Hotel. The correct match of Lago would be the "Italian Restaurant" instead of the Bellagio Hotel.
Example 2: Hanoisquare Cimetière d'Ixelles has part of the name matched with the Cimetière d'Ixelles. The addresses are similar, but not exactly the same. Upon looking at the category, we can tell this is a mismatch since one is a Vietnamese restaurant and one is a cemetery. This would be an incorrect match. A Google Maps search of the restaurant's address shows us the correct match for the restaurant.

The category of a merchant is also explicitly shown in italics after the name of the merchant, within the matching dialogue.

What if none of the places Google suggested are correct, but I found a correct feature on Google Maps?

  • Please email, with your Partner ID (Aggregator ID), the Merchant ID, as well as a URL to the Google Maps feature that you believe to be correct, and Google will create the match on your behalf.

What if none of the places Google suggested are correct, and I cannot find a correct feature on Google Maps?

What if I received an error message?

  • Merchants must meet the eligibility criteria listed here, and an error message may result if the criteria are not met.