(Beta) Introduction to parking

The parking integration allows partners to provide parking transactions services to users of Google Maps. The steps for completing this integration are listed below. If you are interested in participating in this program but are not currently, please complete this interest form.


At kickoff, you should have been granted access to the Partner Portal. Detailed guidance of its use can be found here. Many of the sections will not apply to your integration as the partner portal supports a variety of integrations. In the Parter Portal, parking partners will need to configure the following items:

  1. Brand information
  2. Booking server Credentials
  3. Contact information

Booking Server

The first step in completing a parking integration is developing your booking server. You need to implement the following 5 end-points to support parking transactions:

Method HTTP Request
HealthCheck GET /v3/HealthCheck/
GetParkingZone POST /v3/GetParkingZone/
GetParkingAvailability POST /v3/GetParkingAvailability/
CreateParkingSession POST /v3/CreateParkingSession/
UpdateParkingSession POST /v3/UpdateParkingSession/

Payments Integration

The parking integration also requires the completion of a payments integration as described here. However, the parking integration deviates from the guide in two ways. The tokenization_config data is passed in GetParkingZone and not the Feeds. Also, the PaymentProcessingParameters are passed in the CreateParkingSession call and not CreateBooking/CreateOrder (which is not used in this integration).


The overall testing process will be the same as for End-to-end testing. Manual sandbox testing followed by Soft-launched Production testing. However, a different suite of test scenarios will need to be run due to the differences inherent to the parking integration.