9. Pilot (both)

In this stage, we test the entire integration in our production environment, but limit the users to our internal Google team only. Real bookings / appointments / reservations will be made, but with only a select few merchants.

  1. End to End Testing in Production This follows the same flow as the sandbox End to End testing, but only on one or two merchants. This is mainly to confirm that the move to production was successful. You can specify which merchants to use and we only book appointments at least a week in the future to avoid bothering merchants. We also make sure to cancel any bookings that are made in production.

  2. Once testing is complete, Fill out the launch readiness questionnaire. Submitting this form tells Google that you're ready to launch, and provides us with some final information.

Once these steps are complete, your contact at Google will work with you to schedule your launch date.

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