8. End-to-end testing in Sandbox

End to end testing happens in two stages. First we will do testing in our sandbox environment and then you will go through the process of productionizing your integration. Finally, we will do another round of end to end testing on the prod environment right before launching to confirm everything still works correctly.

  1. Sandbox End to End Testing We go through the following testing flow on some of your merchants:

    • Google makes a booking and the partner confirms that the booking was made successfully.
    • Google cancels the booking and the partner confirms that the booking was canceled successfully.
    • Google makes another booking.
    • The partner cancels the booking and Google confirms that it was canceled successfully.

    In the testing process, Google will also look at any errors showing up in your Integration Health dashboard and confirm that real time updates are implemented.

  2. Prepare for release to a production environment. Test each component — Feeds, gRPC server, Inventory Update API — and monitor for any real-time issues. In addition, ensure secure transmission of user data and prevent third parties from sending booking requests to your backend (review Step 5b).

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