2. Basic configuration (Google and you)

Google will whitelist the email address that you provided during the Basic Setup steps for accessing the Partner Portal. An automated email, titled Access to Reserve with Google Partner Portal, will be sent to that address, with a link to the instructions here.

Once you've logged in to the Partner Portal using that account, perform the following steps:

  1. Browse to the Onboarding Tasks tab.
  2. Enter your public SSH key.
  3. Enter your Cloud Project Number that was identified earlier.
  4. Click Submit.

A set of SFTP dropboxes for both sandbox and production environments will be created for you using the SSH key that you provided, your Google Cloud Project will be whitelisted for accessing the sandbox and production Maps Booking API services, and a unique Partner ID (Aggregator ID) will be assigned to your account.

You'll receive an automated email that contains all of this information, after clicking Submit. You can also see the SFTP dropbox usernames in the Feeds tab within the Partner Portal.

At this point, you may start using the Partner Portal (documentation), and can optionally perform the following additional basic setup tasks:

  1. Grant additional users in your organization access to the Partner Portal, within the Account and Users tab.
  2. Configure the default Brand, and set up new Brands in your Sandbox and/or Production environments, within the Brands tab.
  3. Change your SSH keys.

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