February Announcements


Quebec Localization

Beauty, Fitness, Things-To-Do

For merchants and services that are operating in Quebec, all text should now be localized in both English and French.

How to implement:

Language Code Email Support


To send localized partner emails to users after a booking or order has been completed, a new setting can be enabled to send the appropriate language code of the user to the partner’s booking server.

Impact: Language code support allows localized partner emails to be sent to users.

How to implement:

  • Reach out to your Google contact in enabling language code to be sent in the CreateOrderRequest/CreateBookingRequest.
  • Implement logic to send the appropriate localized email to the user using the language_code.

Other Product Announcements

Merchant Matching Improvements

Beauty, Fitness, Financial Services

Merchant matching has expanded to allow the matching of multiple merchants to a specific place. Previously, merchants would be blocked from being matched to a place if an existing match to the place has already taken place. This would hinder new merchants to be matched even if the original matched merchant was inactive or deleted.

Impact: Merchant matching will allow new matches to an existing matched place to occur.