December 2019 Announcements

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Minimum and Maximum Tickets


Minimum and/or maximum number of ticket restrictions is used to limit the number of tickets a user can buy per order. A dialog will appear informing the user of a violation of the constraint upon check-out.

Impact: If a merchant and service requires certain ticketing restrictions (e.g. minimum 2 tickets must be purchased, or a cap of 5 tickets can be purchased), the partners can add minimum and/or maximum constraint violations during the CheckOrderFulfillability call.

How to implement:

Dynamic Pricing


Small price changes (either increase or decrease) are now supported. If a user tries to buy a ticket in which the price has changed, they will be informed of the change, and can choose to continue with the purchase or abandon it.

Impact: Dynamic pricing allows Things-To-Do inventory that is subject to small price variations day-to-day to be supported.

How to implement:

Other Product Announcements

Updated Room Guidelines


When specifying rooms under resources in the Availability feed, specify seating areas such as bar or patio. This should not include fixed price menus, special activities, or non-room values (like reservation or dinner).

Updated Async Booking Criteria

Beauty, Dining

A booking criteria section is added to the async guide to detail what is and is not supported on Reserve with Google.