Root access Berlin #4: Koliseo on SQL vs NoSQL (part 2)

Oct. 22 8 a.m.-9 a.m. (PDT) Add to calendar Add to calendar

Episode #4: Koliseo is a ticketing platform built on App Engine that is designed to handle the rush hour peaks that ticketing platforms have to weather. In this second part of "SQL vs NoSQL", Nacho Coloma, Koliseo's CTO and author of SimpleDS, shares his tips, tricks and code to help you cope with the new breed of scalable NoSQL databases such as the App Engine datastore.

The fist part of "SQL vs NoSQL" is here although watching it is not required in order to understand this episode.

Follow-up links:
Martin Görner:
Nacho Coloma:
Native Java Datastore API:

"root access Berlin" is recorded at the new studio at the Factory in Berlin. The show features CTOs from the Berlin startup scene talking about their favourite pieces of technology.

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