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Learn how to measure Web Vitals, engage users with push notifications, capture media with WebRTC, and improve identity forms.

Learning pathways

Learn how to improve your website with Web Vitals, essential metrics for a healthy website.
Learn how to engage your web app's users with push notifications.
Learn how to capture media with WebRTC, a free and open source project that provides web browsers and mobile apps with real-time communication through simple APIs.



Learn how to measure and report a web page’s Core Web Vitals with the web-vitals JavaScript library.


Learn how to build a website with a simple reauthentication functionality that uses a fingerprint sensor.


Learn how to debug CSS Grid with Chrome Developer Tools.


Learn how to understand, discover, and fix bad contrast with Chrome Developer Tools.


Learn how to measure a web page's Core Web Vitals with the PageSpeed Insights and Chrome User Experience Report APIs.


Learn how to build an app to get video and take snapshots with your webcam, and share them peer to peer with WebRTC.


Learn how to use cross-platform browser features to build a sign-in form that's secure, accessible, and easy to use.


Learn how to maximize conversions by helping your users complete address and payment forms as quickly and easily as possible.


Learn about the various gotchas of animating the web and how to work around them.

Learn about the latest updates to Google Chrome Developer Tools.

Learn how Chrome 87 improves video conferencing on the web.

Learn how to use built-in, cross-platform browser features to create sign-in forms that are secure, accessible, and easy-to-use.


Learn about Schemeful Same-Site, a change that distinguishes between the secure and insecure versions of your website.

Learn about Manifest V3 for Chrome Extensions, which makes extensions more trustworthy by default and allows developers to adapt as the web becomes more privacy-preserving by default.

Learn how Google plans to create a web that's more secure, powerful, and fast.